Frequently Asked Questions

    What are your hours and days of operation? (UPDATED 10/2019
  • Little Lambs Learning Center operates Monday through Friday from 6am-6pm throughout the year.

    The center is closed on these holidays: Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.

    We have found from previous experience that many parents don't need care during the school Christmas break. The weekdays between Christmas and New Year's Day will be considered "opt in" days for care. Families in our center will not automatically be charged for these days, but those needing care at that time will get it by letting us know their need ahead of time. This policy gives relief to families who don't need care on those days and allows us to give some of our staff important rest and time off. This policy is explained more fully in our parent handbook.
    How many children can Little Lambs care for? (UPDATED 10/2019)
  • We are licensed to care for a total of 90 children at one time. This includes 16 infants in two rooms, 24 toddlers in two rooms, and 50 preschool-aged children in our two preschool rooms.

    All our classrooms maintain or exceed required state ratios for teachers and students. This means that we have one teacher for every four infants, one teacher for every five to seven toddlers (depending on age), and one teacher for every ten to twelve preschoolers (depending on age).

    Our capacity is limited to our staffing abilities. Little Lambs Learning Center considers a low student:teacher ratio to be important in children's development. We hire qualified teachers who will implement a high quality of care at our center.
    How does the waiting list work at Little Lambs? (10/2019)
  • We wish it wasn't so, but we have far more families and children looking for care than we can currently serve. This makes waiting lists necessary. We maintain separate waiting lists for the infants, toddlers, and preschoolers needing care. Slots for care regularly open up when enrolled children get older and move to an older classroom, when families move or withdraw, or when we are blessed to find new teachers and staff that allow us to add to our capacity.

    When those slots open our director looks at the waiting lists and contacts parents in the order that they first contacted us. At that time parents will have the option of enrolling their child, deferring enrollment and being moved to the end of the list, or removing their names from the list. If a family doesn't need care yet at that time, they can either choose to start paying to reserve the spot or they can defer. It's not ideal, but be assured we are working hard to increase our staff so that we can care for more children and meet the community need for childcare.

    If you would like to be added to our waiting/mailing list, please
    contact us by email or call 701-663-5344. You may also fill out the online Wating List Application through the icon on our home page.
    Is Little Lambs a licensed center? (10/2019)
  • Yes, Little Lambs is fully licensed by the State of North Dakota. In fact, our program significantly exceeds the minimum requirements for state licensing. Our director and each of our curriculum development teachers have college degrees in education and/or early childhood development and state teaching license. All staff members are required to complete a certain number of continuing education hours each year.

    We believe the quality of our curriculum and the Christian environment of our Center make our program truly noteworthy. For questions about our license or the licensing requirements please speak with our director.
    Is Little Lambs looking for teachers and staff? (UPDATED 10/2019)
  • Yes! We are blessed to have our director and curriculum development teachers on staff, as well as a number of full and parti time teachers. We are still looking for more classroom lead teachers and assistant teachers. Positions can be full time or part time depending on the availability of applicants. Positions start at $11 per hour, with higher wages depending on experience and education. Full time positions offer benefits including paid vacation, health insurance, and optional dental/vision. We are currently taking applications and interviewing. If you would like to submit a resume you may email it to our childcare director